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3 Ways to Encourage Workplace Diversity on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On January 15, we celebrate the life and legacy of a man who completely changed the way our nation accepts, promotes, and encourages equality for everyone, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Diversity is essential to leverage the unique ideas and skills that drive success for companies in all industries. Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., organizations and businesses were granted the ability to recruit a diverse workforce that revamped our country’s economy to make the United States an epicenter of global business. Today, we have the privilege of getting to recruit and work alongside talented individuals from all over the world. Diversity within a workforce is prioritized by the world’s most successful corporations for a reason.

On this day, we encourage your HR department to celebrate workplace diversity in three ways:

  1. Write a corporate diversity plan.

Q1 is a great time to revisit your company’s approach to promoting workplace diversity. If you haven’t already, schedule a meeting to establish priorities and initiatives that encourage the inclusion of employees regardless of cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. Ensure a corporate diversity plan is included in your corporation’s overarching mission and vision to expand.

  1. Organize social events.

It is your company’s job to promote camaraderie among ALL employees. To do that, employees will require more interaction beyond meetings and luncheons. Plan a series of monthly events where employees are tasked with getting to know one another beyond daily, on-the-job deliverables. This will innately allow for your employees to get to know and appreciate everyone’s unique background and understand how everyone’s perspectives and experiences contribute to the team’s potential.

  1. Provide advancement support.

Consider sponsoring some promising employees to attend workshops, gain certifications, or even advance their education. This will allow them to grow, gain loyalty to your company, and acquire new skills that will contribute to the success of your team and the entire organization. Employees are encouraged to bring their best to the table when they see that management is just as committed to their individual success as they are.

These are just a few ways your company can enhance or invite new perspectives and personalities into the office. In 2019, the world is much smaller than it used to be. Thanks to leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., we are encouraged and inspired to work alongside individuals from all walks of life. Recruiting beyond the local community is increasingly possible and should be practiced at companies with a dream to reach the world. As you recruit new talent in this year, keep these ideas in mind to ensure your company is known for promoting diversity and inclusion.

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