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5 Great/Crazy/Behavioral Questions to Ask Your Next Candidate

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Jan. 6, according to HRmarketer, was “Massive Monday”, the most popular day for people to look for jobs. HR bloggers and discussions boards are buzzing with hiring Q&As. Tim Sackett recently blogged about one of my favorite interview questions, “Tell me one thing you regret about leaving a certain position or company,” and it got me thinking…. I always use behavioral interview questions to pick the best candidates.  Always have, always will.  There’s a process I follow religiously.  But I wonder what other HR people do?  So I thought I’d offer up my process and some of my favorite questions to ask candidates.

copyright 2002 by Randy Glasbergen

Please keep in mind, when I’m interviewing candidates I’m not only looking for their readiness for the position at hand, but also their potential and how best to manage them moving forward.  Assessing if the candidate fits the requirements of the position and if they might be a cultural fit is something most hiring managers are well trained to do.  However, assessing personality types, emotional intelligence, integrity, adaptability, organizational awareness and relationship management — now that takes some skill.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be offering my process, and more importantly, the whys and hows I do what I do.

What is the most powerful interviewing “secret” you have? Where did you learn it from?

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