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5 Tips for Hiring Recent Graduates

Are college graduates ready for the modern workplace? The jury is still out for some employers. According to the 2018 National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook survey, there seems to be a handful of skills that employers are looking for in new college graduates. On top of that, McGraw Hill has found that only four out of ten U.S. college students feel well prepared for their careers. This can seem daunting for a hiring manager.

Read on to learn more about the skills recent grads should possess when making a hire.

  1. The ability to collaborate: They say teamwork makes the dream work, and in the workplace it couldn’t be any truer. Collaboration is key and rooted in most companies’ culture. Learning to work well with others, delegate, and balance your colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses is a key attribute for career success. A key question to ask is about time when they worked on a team and what was their key contribution.
  2. Leadership skills: Coming out of the gate, a recent graduate may not have a lengthy résumé that spotlights their leadership skills, but holding a leadership role in a collegiate club or team can be a sign of potential leadership skills.
  3. Problem solving approach: Most new college graduates don’t have the luxury of extensive workplace anecdotes, but relaying a time when they overcame a challenge and how they went about it is a validation of their problem solving skills.
  4. Strong writing skills: Writing is a universal and fundamental skill all new hires should exhibit. Day in and day out, emails will be written, reports and proposals will be created, and the essential skill of writing is necessary. Hiring managers should take a closer look at cover letters and even request writing samples to gauge these skills.
  5. Solid work ethic: It’s as simple as being on time, engaged, and working with integrity–A strong work ethic is first and foremost a vital characteristic a college graduate should display. Being committed to a career is more than a paycheck. Asking the right questions is essential to discovering this trait; give them workplace scenarios to see how they would react.

Recruiting college graduates is a dynamic process that companies should look forward to. Staying excited about the process will attract job seekers with similar values, goals, and interests that your workforce shares, making recruitment a seamless transition for both the company and the new employee. Expedite the process with a one-click background check from KRESS today.

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