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6 Tips for More Effective Job Postings

Nationwide, the unemployment rate is currently under four percent. With much fewer people looking for work, many employers are struggling to find and attract quality job candidates for open positions. The hiring market is as competitive now as it’s been in living memory, and strong, effective job postings are more important than ever.

Do you know how to make a job posting stand out? KRESS can help. We help clients in many different industries find and hire talented team members who can help propel their businesses forward on the path to success. Often, that process begins with a clear and effective job posting that attracts qualified applicants. So, what makes a good job posting? Our pre-employment screening professionals have a few pointers to help guide you in creating a concise post to draw in relevant and valuable potential employees.

  1. Detail job duties and responsibilities.

First and foremost, job seekers want to know what you need from the position they’re considering. role’s responsibilities and requirements. Detail no more than eight or so of the top responsibilities of the job. Utilize action-oriented directives such as “execute and support the sales campaign flawlessly” in order to pack a stronger punch in your description.

  1. Clarify any required qualifications or skills.

If this position requires specific training, expertise, or skills, make that clear up front. Quality job candidates want to be able to accurately assess their fitness for a job before applying. If they aren’t sure, it’s possible they will simply skip over your posting and you’ll only receive applications from the desperate job seekers.

  1. Express your company’s personality.

Top-quality candidates want to work at a place with high enthusiasm and a strong work culture, so take the lead in expressing how fantastic and interesting their job could be! No one wants to work at a boring, mediocre company the rest of their lives, so put your best foot forward in the job post.

  1. Add a range for compensation.

Job seekers will absolutely judge their potential fit for your position based on possible compensation. Don’t make them guess! Attracting job candidates who are not interested in the pay range you’re offering is a waste of your time and theirs.

  1. Don’t forget the intangibles.

Every employer offers a few unique perks. Don’t leave these out! If your workplace is located in a hip or convenient part of town, that can be a deciding factor for some candidates. Maybe you take your employees to happy hour once a month; maybe you offer access to the latest tools and equipment. Money is important, but it’s not everything. Let job seekers know what else you can offer.

  1. Share your vision.

Give job candidates a glimpse of where you company could be headed with their help. Top-quality employees almost always want to be part of something special—a team with goals and a plan. Put your company vision out there, and you’ll get more interest from candidates whose own vision for the ideal work culture matches yours.

When you’re ready to ensure that the job candidates you’re attracting are the best fit for your business, give KRESS a call. Our seasoned staff is ready to handle every aspect of your pre-employment screening process. Contact us now for a free consultation on what your company is doing right and what it’s doing wrong in the hiring process.

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