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A Look At Healthcare Background Screening

As the healthcare industry continues to have a surge of new hires it is imperative to ensure your candidate pool is at its best. The only way to guarantee this is by screening new hires with compliant background screening that include license verification, healthcare credentialing, OIG/GSA search, education verification, a criminal search, identity verification, and drug screening. This ensures you are hiring the right job candidate and won’t encounter unexpected or problematic issues with the candidate such as expired licenses, drug use, or potential liabilities that incur litigation.

KRESS keeps thing simple, yet thorough by performing background screenings using a combination of automated searches and thorough fact checking. KRESS does not solely rely on public databases for results, we deliver accurate information, every time. Our fast turnaround time is attributed to our highly trained staff—we don’t use outdated databases or third-party registries.

Let’s take a closer look at our fast, accurate, compliant, and affordable healthcare background screening.

License Verification

Save your healthcare business from potentially crippling litigation costs and let KRESS verify your new hires’ licenses. Our verification services ensure your healthcare practice is compliant and shielded from lawsuits. Our fast turnaround times and easy online ordering system make verification simple.

Healthcare Credentialing

Our professional credentialing authenticates the veracity of your job candidate’s license, certifications, and skills to properly care for patients. This screening indicates if a job candidate is currently in good standing, and all licenses and/or certifications are issued in their name.

OIG/GSA Search

We verify candidates by performing an OIG/GSA search that is combined with the Office of Inspector General’s Excluded Parties Listing System and the General Services Administration’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.

Education Verification

Our verifications specialists investigate the information on your job candidate’s resumé, including the school name, degrees, diplomas, and dates of attendance and graduation. We provide a clear, detailed report healthcare facilities can use to compare what the applicant claims with what they have actually achieved. If any discrepancies are discovered our report will alert you to it.

Criminal Background Check

KRESS takes every precaution to ensure that the criminal records information we report is accurate and belongs to the subject in question. A pre-employment criminal records check will reveal a job applicant’s criminal record if they have one. Criminal records checks generally return felony, misdemeanor, and certain traffic offenses, such as DUIs and infractions that occurred within the reporting window allowed under state and federal law.

Identity Verification

Identity services are a crucial component of any background check. Our identity services are used in conjunction with personal information, public records, social security checks, as well as address history. Our identity records can include an e-signature or rather wet signature for all online document signature offering employers peace of mind.

Drug Screening

It is essential for a healthcare provider to implement pre-employment drug testing that is compliant with state and federal regulations, as well as testing that cannot be manipulated. A simple way to avoid this is by utilizing a standard five-panel drug test and expanded panels for those who distribute medication.

A major component to enhancing your healthcare candidate pool is by working with a screening company that is an industry leader. KRESS is a preferred screening vendor for healthcare organizations because we make federal and state compliance fast, easy, accurate, and affordable. Our exclusive partnerships allow us to provide healthcare organizations with comprehensive screening packages, discounted rates, and a quick turnaround time. Discover the KRESS difference.

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