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Are my background checks FCRA compliant?

You have demands for background checks–they have to be
  • easy
  • compliant
  • fast

We do that.

Invite the applicant with eAuthorize lets you automate everything while maintaining compliance. How?

  1. You submit the order (choosing the best screens for your company and the position).
  2. The applicant receives an email requesting their information and their consent. This is key because the consent form is FCRA compliant. Additionally, when the applicant consents prior to the screen, the timing of the initiation of the screen is compliant as well.
  3. We provide you with the completed background check, normally in less than 72 hours. KRESS ensures that every screen performed is compliant with all state and federal regulations. (We also ensure compliance for those in industrial and refining/petrochemical contracting positions.)

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