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Are you taking your holidays? The weekend roundup

At KRESS Inc., we encourage our employees, and our dinosaurs, to take a break and get into the holiday spirit. Beer exchanges and ugly sweater contests are fun, but if you’re not actually taking time to rest this holiday season, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. However, you’re not alone. The U.S. is the no-vacation nation, and it’s hard for is to shut off and rest.

If you can, take a break this week and recharge. And, that Apple watch you’ve got waiting under the tree? Maybe wait until Monday to connect it. The tap is addictive.

[Tweet “How many taps of the Apple watch does it take to work four hours?”]

Findmyshift: Holiday working hours in a “Round the Clock World”


It’s the same thing we’ve all heard before: your employees need time off. The interesting new twist for the past few years has been that even if you are giving them time off, they may not be taking it. Many workers, especially full-time or salaried employees, are pretending to take time off but failing to disconnect. Nearly a quarter of employees are working four or more hours on their day off—how many taps of the Apple watch does it take to work four hours? Why does that matter?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and in danger of physical and mental health problems.

[Tweet “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” & in danger of physical & mental health problems.”]

Seth Godin: Paying the smart phone task

In the spirit of working through days off, let’s examine one piece of tech that has made that possible—the smart phone. Godin riffs on the smart phone tax—or how much your phone is costing you in terms of focus, growth, relationships and life.

The Atlantic: The failure of the phrase “work-life balance”

If you’ve ever had an extremely negative reaction to people whining about work-life balance, this article will speak to you. It finally recognizes the inherent flaws in the phrase. For many, the idea of control over work and life is impossible, and, for others, this balance means getting all they want in smaller amounts. It also points out the lack of value we have placed on caring for others, which is essential in every society. At the holidays, it’s time to step back, and this piece is intended to help you do just that. (Thank you fistful of talent for the lead.)



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