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Attract Top Job Talent for Your Company

As the U.S. labor market continues to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Department of Labor there is a saturation of top talent looking for a job. Now what does it take to garner the attention of that top talent and create a dynamic workforce for your company?

Let’s take a look at some key paths’ executives, hiring managers, and the human resource department (HR) can implement to attract motivated job candidates.

  • Find Your Target Market
    • A crucial component to targeting top talent is by, leveraging employee advocacy, it enhances branding and marketing. Your employees are powerful tool to attract the right talent and it humanizes the company. In the age of remote hiring, it’s easy to put this into practice by creating employee testimonial videos, utilizing social media to promote employee satisfaction, and turning employees into “brand ambassadors” that are relatable and engaging.
  • Set Your Company Apart From the Pack
    • A huge talent magnet is promoting company culture and showcasing what makes your company unique and the environment it fosters. It’s vital to promote those non-tangible elements that make a job candidate feel valued and convinced your company is the company that will foster their growth and caree. Simple steps that can foster an attractive workplace are transparent leadership, encouraging innovation, collaboration, and communication.
  • Create An Exceptional Job Candidate Experience
    • A key component is to streamline the candidate experience and make it feel effortless for the job candidate. By propely training hiring managers and HR, a job candidate can feel connected, knowledgeable, and comfortable at every touchpoint in the hiring process. Effective screening is a pivotal aspect of attracting the right job candidates, by partnering with a trusted and reliable screening company hiring managers and HR can focus on the interviewing process and keep the job candidate informed for a positive candidate experience.

Attracting top talent is key for the success of any company and by implementing these simple steps you will see a difference in the job candidates knocking at your door or jumping into your inbox. As your company competes for top talent, remember to take the pressure off by partnering with an affordable, compliant, and reliable screening company like KRESS. Our team of HR experts is available to answer any questions and help create a screening process that suits your company’s needs.

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