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Why You Should Background Check Freelancers

While most employers use background checking services for their full-time and hourly employees, many employers fail to carry this important practice over to their contingent workforce. This can open up employers to risks they wouldn’t usually take with their in-house employees. However, a simple background check can potentially save employers time and money if things go sour with a freelance employee.


Many of the reasons for screening contingent workers are the same as these for full-time employees. While freelancers may work remotely, they still may have access to sensitive company information, maintain access to your office, or work in close proximity to your employees. This opens up companies to the same liabilities as failing to screen full-time employees.


If a contingent employee acts out violently against another employee, you can be held liable for the incident for failing to conduct a background check if adverse information would have been found. By completing a background check before signing a contract with a contingent employee, you’re mitigating many risks in a single step.


Many freelancers have access to sensitive company data. This could be as simple as a single spreadsheet or as sensitive as access to the company server. A background check will give you peace of mind that who you’re hiring will maintain your company’s privacy and remain a valuable asset.


While there are many reasons to run a background check on freelance employees, the most important reason may be credential verification. When is the last time you called a reference about a freelance employee? At KRESS, we offer credential, licensing, and resume verification to ensure that your contractors’ education and work history are valid. This offers you peace of mind that you’re hiring only the best—especially when considering that one-third of freelancers falsify information on their resumes.


At KRESS, background checks start as low as $19.99 and 85 percent of screens are completed in under 48 hours. Begin screening your contractors today in just a few steps.

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