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Background Checks 101: Why Compliance Should Be Your Top Priority

Complying with the laws and regulations surrounding background checks is the most important part of KRESS’ screening process, and it should be your priority, too. We know that understanding and following these laws can be complicated—there are regulations at every level of government, from local and state to federal. That’s why we make it our job to take on these challenges for our clients to help them hire the best.

It’s possible to discover that a job candidate lied on their resume or was convicted of a crime that excludes them from employment at your company. If you haven’t followed FCRA regulations when getting this information, you can’t use this knowledge to influence your hiring decision. You’re opening the door to the possibility of hefty lawsuits if you do.

A background check is an indispensable tool that allows hiring managers to ensure they hire the most qualified candidates. With the right screening, you will have all of the information you need to make a thoughtful, informed hiring decision. This due diligence, when performed correctly, can also lessen the liability companies face. If an employee becomes violent towards a coworker on the job and a background check was not performed, who is at fault? In many cases, the employer may assume some responsibility for placing their other employees and customers at risk.

When you order a background check through KRESS, you can rest easy knowing that it is 100-percent FCRA compliant.


Keeping Hiring Fair

You’ve requested a background check and, unfortunately, discover information that disqualifies your candidate. So you never call them back, right? Wrong!

At KRESS, we help employers remain fair when hiring by offering Automated Adverse Action. If you discover adverse information on a background check, it’s the employer’s responsibility to inform the applicant of the information that has disqualified them within a designated time frame. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a burden on employers. That’s why we created our Automated Adverse Action tool.

With this tool, if you discover disqualifying information, then a letter is automatically sent to the applicant informing them why they have not been hired. More importantly, this process keeps hiring fair for the applicant. The applicant has two weeks to contact the employer to inform them why they should be hired or detail discrepancies in the information.

Are you ready to begin background screening? We can set up our accounts in one business day, allowing you to get started with our easy online ordering system within hours. Contact us today to get started!

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