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How Background Checks Work

Background checks are essential, but to new HR managers and employees they can seem like a confusing part of a long hiring process. A background check goes through an entire life cycle. At KRESS, that means we don’t rely entirely on public databases for results. Every pre-employment screening assignment is a combination of automated searches and thorough fact checking. We follow strict measures to ensure job candidates are treated fairly and that employers receive the information they needed.

To help applicants and HR managers understand how background checks work, we created our Life of a Background Check infographic.

You can download the complete infographic here.

When it comes to pre-employment background screening done right, here’s what you need to know:

How Background Checks Begin

  1. The applicant interviews, completes the employer’s application, and signs the release for a background check.
  2. The employer orders the background check and requests the services or package they need.
  3. The new order is received and processed by our data-entry department. It is then expedited to a specialist in the appropriate department.
  4. Each department specializes in specific services in order to get the best research and the fastest results. We use a nationwide network of researchers who cover every county

KRESS’ driving history, INS/SSA, drug testing, criminal/civil, and verifications departments work in tandem to check every fact during this stage.

Background Checks Are Completed

  1. The completed criminal report is generated and sent to the employer via customized routing solutions.
  2. The employer reviews the report and evaluates the results.

Before an applicant’s information makes it to an employer, KRESS ensures that only records that are an exact match with the candidate are on the report (matched by three criteria by human eyes).

Employers Make a Decision

  • If there is NO adverse information: The information found doesn’t make the applicant ineligible for the position, so the hiring process continues.
  • If adverse information is identified: If adverse information is found that makes the applicant ineligible for the position, then KRESS will perform a two-step Adverse Action process in coordination with the employer.
    • Pre-Adverse Action Letter: Client clicks a button and the pre-adverse action letter is sent to the applicant with a copy of the report and a copy of their rights.
    • Adverse Action Letter: After 14 days pass, the second letter is sent saying they will not be hired because of what was found in the report.

To see this information in an infographic, click here. We hope this guide helps you understand how background checks are conducted. Have more questions? Give us a call at (713) 880-3693.

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