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Background Screenings You Can Trust

KRESS makes hiring fast, compliant, affordable, and reliable. We offer pre- and post-employment screening services to businesses across all industries that are FCRA-compliant. We are the preferred screening vendor or managed service provider for ExxonMobil, Firestone, BP, Shell, the City of Houston, InGenesis, as well as many other corporations and organizations.

Our easy-to-use online portal, customized screening options, and Invite the Applicant online feature help employers make the right hire from the start. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on revolving-door employees. Our online ordering system for background checks is set up to work with existing policies, or we can create a customized solution for you.  Our passion is to develop effective solutions that fit your budget and screening options that fit your company’s needs. KRESS can quickly verify your business and set up an account with no fees, minimum monthly usage levels, or contracts.

Once an account is set up, KRESS will help you determine how you would like to receive your employment background checks and additional reports. In just a few simple clicks, you can order or receive reports by fax, email, online, or XML integration. Clients can also determine routing options for report information to be disseminated to you and your team members in the most efficient method. KRESS has completely customizable, multi-tiered security built into our system, allowing for multiple locations, security levels, and billing procedures.

Benefits of partnering with KRESS:

Online Portal

Many employment background screening companies have online portals; however, KRESS goes the extra-mile by allowing candidates to have access to their background checks, submit information, and rebuttal any adverse information that may come up. The user-friendly experience makes for streamlined background checks.


We offer background screening services that are solutions to fit your company’s needs. Our background checks offer multiple services that check identity records, public records, driving records, verification of educational degrees, work history, professional licenses and certifications, and set-up drug screenings. Our background checks are FCRA-compliant and are totally all-inclusive because we also check all aliases associated with a candidate for up to seven years.

Invite the Applicant

Inviting the Applicant allows you to let your applicants enter their own data for background and criminal checks, education and professional verifications, and credentialing for you. This unique online feature reduces time spent on data entry, faster turnaround times, and offers a user-friendly experience with simple, quick forms.

Cost Efficiency

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate, and compliant background screening reports; and more than ever we are proud of our budget-friendly options. We work with large oil and gas companies to family-owned livery companies, and we understand the need to be cost-effective. Our packages start as low as $24.99 and we can customize any package to fit your needs and budget.

If you’re ready to make a hire, do it with confidence, because our screening services are the HR tools you can trust. No matter your industry, we offer a pre-employment screening packages tailored just for you—or we will create one to meet your needs. Contact an HR expert at KRESS to get started. We’ll provide you with the security and peace of mind that comes with fast, accurate, reliable pre-employment screening.

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