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Ban the Box and Drug Tests: Weekend Roundup

HR news has been all over the internet this week. From new OSHA regulations on restroom use to drug testing, the range of topics has been broad. However, there are two issues that will impact many HR professionals: the Ban the Box acceptance trend and a rise in illicit drug use in the workforce. How you screen potential and current employees matters—make sure you’re getting the information you need everyday.

Image: The Daily Beast

Lexology: Trend continues to “ban the box” for employment criminal background checks

Georgia, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia, as well as New York City, have all moved to Ban the Box. This trend shows no signs of abating, and employers need to know how their state deals with criminal background checks in the hiring process.

The Daily Beast: Ex-Con Need Jobs, Too

The Daily Beast is taking on Ban the Box legislation, citing the large number of proponents for this legislation. There are 17 states so far who have implemented Ban the Box, and several retainers are onboard as well.[Tweet “17 states have legislated “Ban the Box””]

Lexology: Should You Have Job Descriptions? (Hint: yes)

Job descriptions are a given for many companies, but start-ups and SMBs sometimes skip this step. Even though job descriptions are not (yet) legally mandated, they are helpful as a tool for HR and hiring managers.

Medical News Today: Illicit drug-taking in the workplace ‘increasing’

Last year, we reported an increase in the number of positive drug tests for the first time in a decade. According to the annual report from Quest Diagnostics, illicit drug use in the workplace rates increase for the second year in a row.[Tweet “Illicit drug use in the workplace rates increase for the second year in a row.”]

Find My Shift: Problems with Traditional Performance Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to SHRM, 90 percent of performance reviews are ineffective and painful. Most companies schedule annual performance reviews, and this scheduling not only strikes fear in the heart of the employee, it also causes 30 percent of employees to become less productive. More HR advocates are advising a switch to more regular performance reviews because of the negative effects. What is your stance?


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