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Become a Champion at Office Politics!

Politics Aren’t Limited to Elections!

Come on, don’t deny that you have been involved in office politics during your work history. It can be nasty, suck time out of your day, and is considered a waste of time by many. However, the truth is that it always will exist and could affect your status with your employer and coworkers. Here are five easy ways to stay on top of your political game with your work-mates.


  1. Embrace The Politics – It’s certainly easy to just avoid the talk around the office that somebody is struggling. Everyone knows who they are and they are likely talking negatively about that individual. However, have you given them a helping hand to get them out of a funk? The human nature is to let somebody sink, but if you are the one that gets them on track it could look good for you in the political game.
  2. Rehearsal – You are ready to make a power play in a meeting or presentation. Have you rehearsed what you are actually going to say? Have you made a list of pros and cons? Have you anticipated every response you may get? Having a plan in place to sound well prepared will always impress those around you even if they don’t always agree.
  3. Do You Know the Silent Rules? – It’s typical for a workplace to have certain expectations or rules that are not in the handbook. They are just kind of the way things are. Have you figured out how to play within those boundaries and not rub certain people the wrong way? Mastering this craft is a way to always look good at the end of the day.
  4. Following Your Emotions! – Emotionally driven responses to a stressful topic can really rub people the wrong way. One outburst at an inopportune time can turn people against you for a very long period of time. Undoing those mistakes is something that could take months. When responding to a tense situation, let it breathe some. Maybe take a lunch break, a walk, or simply tal it over with your small team before having the office blowup. There is always a way to craft a response that keeps you on top of the game.
  5. Keep Good Relationships – If you have a bad relationship with someone, they may turn down all of your ideas just because. It is never a bad idea to be the bigger person in these situations. Always be respectful, kind, and helpful to even your biggest workplace rival. Professional relationships have an odd way of lasting for many years if you are to both stay in the same field. You never know when you may need that person from five years ago.

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