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Best Practices for Rescreening Furloughed Employees

The time has come to officially recall your furloughed employees, however is your business prepared to do so in a compliant manner and rescreen employees?

In order to streamline the process of getting your business back to normal operations it is essential to implement a rescreening process for employees who are returning to work, especially those in the healthcare, education, and banking industries.

Businesses within these industries should rescreen employees to ensure licenses and certifications are verified and up to date, before employees return to work. An employee with an expired license or certification can be damaging and costly for an organization whose livelihood is dependent upon a workforce with specific roles such as nurses or educators.

The first step is getting your employee’s consent to perform a background check. The employee being recalled may have given consent when first hired, however due to state and federal laws consent must be obtained again to ensure compliance.

Some industries don’t require rescreening employees, however creating a return-to-work policy can ease the transition and answer any questions your employees may have, while protecting your business from liabilities and mitigating risk. By rescreening recalled employees and employer can also ensure any adverse information is dealt with and in compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Being as transparent as possible is key during this process and communicating via email or letter is a great tool to use so that employees can reference it if any questions arise. By crafting a comprehensive letter employers can be strategic in updating the recalled employee on any changes to their schedule, compensation, benefits, job duties, and other conditions of employment.

It is important to check with your legal team when crafting a new workplace policy, rescreening furloughed employees who are being called back to work, or partner with a certified screening company, like KRESS Inc. KRESS offers fast, affordable, and accurate background checks and drug testing for Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, cities, financial institutions, and other businesses.

KRESS offers screening packages customized to keep your business compliant according to the standards of the specific industry or municipality you’re doing business with. Let our team of HR experts help you recall your furloughed employees in a fast, compliant, and affordable way—the KRESS way.

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