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The 5 Best 2018 Employment Screening Trends So Far

A falling unemployment rate coupled with relatively slow growth has made it more difficult for many businesses to compete for top talent than at any time in recent memory. The trickle-down effects of new tariffs and uncertain trade agreements have yet to be seen, in most cases. Fortunately, employers can still position themselves for competitive success in hiring by optimizing their employment practices to account for some of the most important trends of the year.

Is It Practical to Trust Your Gut in Important Hiring Decisions?

Picture this: You’re interviewing a new applicant for a job at your company, but you can’t help but feel that something is off. The candidate says all the right things, and her resume is perfect for the job. The only problem is, your gut tells you otherwise.

Should you go with your gut?

Why Successful Businesses Should Mandate Paid Time Off for the First Time Ever

Taking time off can be good for employees and their employers. When workers get away from work for a bit, it can raise morale, boost productivity, reduce costs, and even protect against fraud and theft. Workers who use their PTO are less likely to experience burnout and require fewer sick days. Despite all these benefits, however, too many American workers don’t take advantage of paid time off. In order to keep their employees as productive as possible, many employers are now experimenting with making paid time off mandatory.

How to Attract the Best Workers with Unemployment at its Lowest

The U.S. labor market is as tight as it’s been in recent memory, with the national unemployment rate falling to an 18-year low at the end of May. These special tweaks can improve your organization’s ability to compete for job candidates virtually overnight. 

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