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Why Are Job Candidates Ghosting You?

Does this sound familiar? You interview candidates for a job opening, you find a qualified applicant who fits the bill, he or she has a good interview, and after careful consideration, your company extends an employment offer—except you never hear back. Something scared them away from your business. In order to get the quality employees your company needs to succeed, it pays to start asking how you can prevent it from happening again.

Should You Hire Someone Accused of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Those accused of sexual harassment at work are usually not convicted or even charged with a crime, and it is possible for these people to learn valuable lessons from the experience that make them better employees. Some hard and highly qualified workers stand among the accused. But is it worth the risk of hiring them?

5 Brilliant Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

When workers are stressed out, bad things happen. Is stress a frequent fact of life in your workplace? Here are five solid tips for reducing stress at work and improving employee relations.

Why Employees in Texas Test Positive for Drugs More Often

About 4.7 percent of Texas workers included in a recent sample group tested positive for drugs—a number higher than the national rate of 4.2 percent. Rates of positive results in Texas for opiates, amphetamines, and marijuana are up since 2007.

Weekend Roundup: Testing Truckers, Second-Chance Surveys, and More

A trucking-industry lobbying group says that Department of Transportation’s pre-employment drug test protocols are missing most lifestyle drug users and opioid addicts, endangering motorists. They’re pushing Congress to tighten testing protocols. In other news, a recent survey of hiring managers and HR pros reveals that most employers are willing to hire workers with criminal records as drug use by the U.S. workforce remains at its highest level in more than a decade. Here’s your Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: An NFL Team Learns What Is and Isn’t in a Standard Background Check and More

The NFL’s Detroit Lions are dealing with the fallout after a 22-year-old indictment of Head Coach Matt Patricia for sexual assault surfaced following his hiring. Learn how the serious allegation went unknown in NFL circles for years as well as why the EEOC is suing a motor company in Maine and how some companies are dropping pre-employment drug screenings for marijuana in today’s Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Frito-Lay’s Background Check Crunch and Employees vs. Contractors

Large corporations continued the trend of settling claims of FCRA violations for millions of dollars in recent days when Frito-Lay paid $2.4 million to make a class-action suit alleging improper background check disclosure forms. In other news, transportation companies are trying novel ideas to recruit new employees in a tight employment market and the California Supremes clarified how employers should classify workers as employees or independent contractors. Here’s your weekend roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Petco Background Check Settlement and a Missing Ph.D.

One of the nation’s largest pet retailers agreed to a large settlement with job applicants last week after failing to properly disclose its background check policy. In other news, Michigan is bucking the ban-the-box trend and a high-level public schools official resigned in Portland after her prestigious Ph.D. could not be verified by reporters. Here’s your weekend roundup:

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