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Weekend Roundup: Drug Test Cheaters, Naloxone News, and Amazon Recruiting

As more and more oilfield workers flock to the Permian Basin in the midst of a drilling boom, cheating on drug tests is on the rise. Be sure to hire a cheater-proof testing company to ensure your business can’t be compromised! In other news, The U.S. Surgeon General urges more businesses to carry anti-overdose drug Naloxone, and Amazon scrapped an A.I. recruiting tool after they found it was biased against women. Discover more in our Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Overdoses, Lawsuits, and Arbitration on the Job

As the nationwide opioid crisis continues to rage, some employers are beginning to confront the reality of dealing with prescription drug overdoses in the workplace. In other news, a trucking business in Colorado is in hot water with federal regulators after its pre-employment screening company failed to complete an applicant’s physical abilities test, and the Kentucky Supreme Court made that state the first in the U.S. to rule that employers cannot force new employees to sign arbitration agreements. Discover how your business could soon be affected in KRESS’ Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Rooms To Go Complies with Title VII, Opioids’ Rise, and Uber Pays Up

Allegations of racial discrimination in background-check policies led Rooms to Go to revise its application process last week, while Uber paid millions in a nationwide settlement after trying to cover up a massive user-data breach in 2016. Meanwhile, a new study finds that use of opioids such as hydrocodone now far outstrips usage of traditional opiates like morphine and codeine.

Weekend Roundup: New DOT Drug Test Options, National Security Freeze, and More

A new act passed by the Senate in response to the opioid crisis could soon provide new drug-testing options for employers regulated by their state department of transportation. In other news, employers subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) may need to update their background check forms—check with your KRESS compliance expert today to see if this new rule applies to your business! We keep on top of laws relating to employment and data protection so that you don’t have to.

6 Tips for Better Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are a great preliminary screening tool prior to scheduling an in-person meeting. You can’t be distracted by a nice watch or firm handshake—it’s all about the value of the applicants’ experience and how well they articulate their responses. Phone...

The Most Common Lies on Applicants’ Resumes

We’ve all heard and probably used the phrase, “fake it ‘til you make it!” Most job applicants certainly have. While they may seem ambitious, some applicants simply aren’t equipped with the experience and skills to join your company’s team. In an increasingly...

5 Legal Implications of Drug Testing at Your Small Business

According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, substance abuse is a major issue for small businesses across America. Some applicants associate drug screening with larger corporations, so they’ll apply to a smaller company under the impression they can still...

How to Develop Better Supervisors

At all great companies, employees are motivated by supervisors who lead by example. Learning shouldn’t end for those promoted to senior-level positions. Supervisors’ skills need to be developed just as much as every one of their employees’ in order for an entire...

Weekend Roundup: Non-discriminatory Background Checks, Consumer Reports, and More

Employment law can be a tricky thing. In recent days, a U.S. appeals court ruled that employment contingent upon the results of a background check did not discriminate unfairly against minorities, McDonald’s deals with a class-action lawsuit from job applicants, and the courts inched closer to a decision on whether employee privacy was violated during random drug tests in Ohio. It’s your Weekend Roundup:

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