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Weekend Roundup: Slowing Labor Market, H-2B Lottery and More

An increase in jobless benefits claims leads some experts to believe the U.S. labor market is finally beginning to slow. That could be good news for many employers, especially since companies who want to hire seasonal guest workers on H-2B visas will now have to go...

KRESS Now Providing NABSC Screening Programs

KRESS is proud to announce that we’ve been certified as a screening program provider of the North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) for our consistency and professionalism.

How Opioids Cost Businesses Money

As an employer, you may be aware that the U.S. has a problem with opioids. These powerful prescription drugs have sparked a public health crisis nationwide that claims tens of thousands of lives each year and devastates local communities.

Weekend Roundup: Job Openings Hit Record High

As U.S. job openings surge, workers are becoming much harder to find in certain industries. As businesses struggle to hire qualified applicants, local and federal legislators are working to restrict pre-employment screening tactics to make the process more equitable for workers (and potentially more burdensome for some employers). Discover how in today’s Weekend Roundup:

What’s the Connection Between Opioids and Heroin?

In recent years, the nationwide opioid epidemic has made headlines across the U.S. and forced employers from many different industries to reevaluate their drug screening policies as these medications become more and more prevalent.

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