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This is Why Drug Screening at Work Must be Random

Random drug testing is a secure method to regularly protect your company from drug-abuse related problems. Random drug testing—commonly referred to as spot testing—is not disclosed to employees beforehand. Companies can select employees at random, sometimes using...

What to Do if You Suspect an Employee is Abusing Opioids

In the past two decades, drug addiction and overdose-related deaths have been on the rise. More recently, opioid addiction in particular affects more employers and families every day. As of October 2015, the nation affirmed that opioid addiction is a national epidemic...

How Academic Fraud Can Cost Your Business Money

Even though recruiting the best employee can seem like a long, drawn-out process, don’t let the heat of the hunt cause your HR department to cut corners when reviewing experience claims on applicants’ résumés.

Do Drug Tests Screen for CBD Products?

Many are hopping on the CBD band wagon, especially in states where legislation hasn’t passed to legalize marijuana in its truest form. However, it should be noted that CBD oil is not legal in all 50 U.S. states.

Weekend Roundup: New Jobs Report, Change Comes to Washington, and More

Unemployment remained steady while the U.S. economy added a quarter-million jobs in October, according to the latest Department of Labor jobs report. A new Congress will shift its workplace priorities after Democrats flipped the House of Representatives this month, and one of America’s most prestigious universities faces a class-action suit over its background check practices. Catch up on the latest employment news in our Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Employee Voting Leave, Workers’ Comp Prescriptions, and More

Election Day is November 6, and many states have laws providing employees with leave to vote. Is your state among them? Click our link to find out! In other news, a new study found prescription opioid use correlate with workers’ compensation claims over the past eight years. Another study finds that there has been no uptick in false accusations of harassment in the workplace following the rise of the #MeToo movement. Discover why in today’s Weekend Roundup:

Weekend Roundup: Employee Safety Incentives, Canadian Criminal Histories, and More

This week, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to the ways OSHA is altering previous limits on incentives surrounding employee safety and post-accident testing as well as a thorough outline of how a pre-employment background check actually works. That should be of particular interest to employers who require criminal history checks for employees who have worked in Canada, as strict requirements governing candidate consent and information sharing now include a special exception for third-party administrators such as KRESS. Discover why in today’s Weekend Roundup:

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