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6 Tips for Better Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are a great preliminary screening tool prior to scheduling an in-person meeting. You can’t be distracted by a nice watch or firm handshake—it’s all about the value of the applicants’ experience and how well they articulate their responses. Phone...

The Most Common Lies on Applicants’ Resumes

We’ve all heard and probably used the phrase, “fake it ‘til you make it!” Most job applicants certainly have. While they may seem ambitious, some applicants simply aren’t equipped with the experience and skills to join your company’s team. In an increasingly...

5 Legal Implications of Drug Testing at Your Small Business

According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, substance abuse is a major issue for small businesses across America. Some applicants associate drug screening with larger corporations, so they’ll apply to a smaller company under the impression they can still...

How to Develop Better Supervisors

At all great companies, employees are motivated by supervisors who lead by example. Learning shouldn’t end for those promoted to senior-level positions. Supervisors’ skills need to be developed just as much as every one of their employees’ in order for an entire...

Weekend Roundup: Non-discriminatory Background Checks, Consumer Reports, and More

Employment law can be a tricky thing. In recent days, a U.S. appeals court ruled that employment contingent upon the results of a background check did not discriminate unfairly against minorities, McDonald’s deals with a class-action lawsuit from job applicants, and the courts inched closer to a decision on whether employee privacy was violated during random drug tests in Ohio. It’s your Weekend Roundup:

Unemployment is Astoundingly Low. What Does That Mean for You?

The U.S. unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in the last 10 years, reaching 4.0% earlier this month. As economic indicators go, that’s an excellent one—particularly if you’re looking for work! The national unemployment rate hasn’t been this low in close to half a century. When you dig into the numbers, however, you can find some even more encouraging employment statistics.

5 Awesome Tips for Faster, Better Background Checks

Have you ever interviewed the perfect candidate for an open position, only to have that candidate take another job while you waited for an agonizingly slow background check to come back? It’s one of the most common reasons employers lose candidates. Thirty-four percent of employers say this has happened to them, and with recruiting becoming more and more competitive, it will only become more common.

These are the Best 3 Benefits for Attracting Employees in 2018

In case you hadn’t noticed, unemployment is currently the lowest it’s been in decades. It’s a job seeker’s employment market right now in the United States, leaving employers scrambling to attract the best talent for new and open positions. Too many businesses make the common mistake of thinking that a higher salary is what will get the most in-demand professionals in the door. Instead, the benefits you decide to offer (or not to offer) could actually be the reason you’re losing out on the most innovative and sought-after candidates.

How Continuous Background Checks Helped These Companies

As an HR professional, you’re almost certainly aware that businesses are under more pressure than ever to identify and crack down on workers who might steal, harass, or even commit violent acts in the workplace. High profile employee misconduct has dealt critical blows to the brand reputations of billion-dollar companies as diverse as Uber, the Weinstein Company, the Dallas Mavericks, and Fox News. These are all powerful companies. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you, too.

How to Avoid Being Burned by a Controversial Workplace Disruption

Most businesses try to avoid anything controversial or political, and for good reason. In today’s polarized political climate, even the barest hint of offensive speech or actions can have repercussions, even accidentally. Whether your business is public-facing or not, a small argument, confrontation, or disruption can quickly spiral out of control.

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