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The common trend among millennials is to delay marriage and kids and instead welcome a dog into the family. Companies now are strategically allowing furry friends into the workplace in order to gain approval from their younger hires. It’s an unorthodox strategy, to say the least, but it hasn’t been done without data. Banfield Pet Hospital conducted a pet friendly study in March that revealed a lot promising morale numbers.

  • 88% of employees responded that dogs improve morale.
  • 86% of employees have reduced guilt throughout the day of their pets being lonely.
  • 85% of employees report a greater work-life balance.
  • 75% of employees say they are able to work longer hours.
  • 79% of employees have reported improved work relationships.
  • 65% of employees ask about pet-friendly policies.
  • 39% of pet owners would consider adding another pet if they could bring their dog to the office.


Bringing pets to the office brings up a cleanliness dilemma and strict policies would need to be in place to keep your office professional, and restrictions such as the size of dogs approved by the company should be considered. The maintenance of a Siberian Husky is certainly different than the type of a Fox Terrier. If getting millennials into your door is a priority, maybe inviting their furry friends could be the X-factor in acquiring young talent.