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Celebrating Juneteenth, OSHA COVID-19 Guidance, and Ban-the-Box Status

In today’s Weekend Roundup, employers explore the best ways to acknowledge Juneteenth, OSHA updates COVID-19 guidance for all industries, and businesses approach background checks in new ways post-COVID. Click the headlines below to learn more!

How Companies can Celebrate Juneteenth

Last year’s social media buzz around anti-racism included companies pledging support of the post-slavery holiday. Some workplaces encouraged employees to take the day off, others made it a paid holiday, and others still called for a day of learning. However, according to race, money, and diversity experts, employers need to be intentional with how they acknowledge Juneteenth if they truly want to honor their Black employees. 

Employers may Relax COVID-19 Measures in Fully Vaccinated Workplaces, OSHA Says

The updated guidance may help to resolve some of the questions employers had following a May update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that, with some restrictions, fully masked individuals could resume activities without wearing a mask. Last month, OSHA directed employers to follow CDC’s guidance on mask use and social distancing for fully vaccinated workers.

How Should Businesses Conduct Background Checks In the Post-Pandemic World?

The pandemic has proliferated a new and growing set of risks for organizations. In addition to scrambling for revenue gains amid changing landscapes, businesses must also figure out ways to protect their employees, consumers and assets from fraud, theft and cybercrime.

All of this makes background checks more important than ever, so long as companies do so with compliance. Here are some of the numerous benefits of employment screening in our post-pandemic world.

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