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Change management in 2016: The Weekend Roundup

Welcome back after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The beginning of the year is littered with holidays, and it seems as if every time you turn around your employees have a day off. That all draws to a close with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

So, now it’s time to buckle down and get into the rhythm of 2016. Are you anticipating minor or major shifts in 2016? If you’re in HR, it’s likely to be a series of minor shifts. This week, we’re bringing tips for change management from MLK, Jr. himself as well as predictions for HR tech and language changes (specifically emojis :o).

TLNT: What Martin Luther King Taught Us About Dealing With Change

While there are many lessons to be learned from this historical icon, TLNT is focused on what he could teach us about change. As this is the beginning of a year that will likely include changes to HR, from the continued implementation of the ACA, to the proliferation of Ban the Box and increased minimum wage, some tips from Martin Luther King Jr. seem in order.

Steve Boese’s HR Technology: HRE Column: What’s in store for HR tech in 2016

HR tech is responding to the trends of 2015, and one of the first tech trends Boese sees is rethinking performance management. Performance management tools are proliferating in the marketplace, and it may be time to do away with annual reviews and the baggage that comes with them.

BufferSocial: The Deeper Meaning of Emojis

Once confined to the text messages of teens and family members, emojis are enjoying their day in court (literally). As they are now considered a relevant means of communication, it is only a matter of time before HR begins to have emoji headaches. This post delves into the potential meanings of emojis, and for HR professionals learning to appreciate and understand this new means of communication, this could be a helpful guide.

Image: Buffer

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