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Communicate Effectively While Managing Remotely

Managing can be difficult enough within an office, but add distance, technology, a pandemic, and outside distractions—it becomes overwhelming. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) working remotely became an outright necessity for most employers, and has raised some questions on how to go about managing teams.

The foundation to managing any remote team successfully begins with efficient and proper communication. Here are some tips from the HR experts at KRESS for communicating with your team during this time:

  • COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS: Identify communication platforms that can be used for day-to-day matters and time-sensitive items. For example, a webinar can be scheduled for a company town hall versus an email or phone call to problem solve an issue.
  • TEST COMMUNICATION: Test methods of communication with the team and let them know who the point-person is if technology fails. Not everyone is comfortable logging on to a video communication platform or may not have the necessary tools to work remotely. It’s important to be supportive as a manager and help facilitate working remotely.
  • CHECK-INS: Set expectations for the team on how often to check-in. Some managers set 9:30 a.m. conference calls daily for 30 minutes to run through the day and ensure all team members are the same page. While other managers meet a few times a week to make sure all work is satisfactory.

We are all accustom to working in an office space with our team, and as we shift to working remotely it is evident our forms of communication must be transparent, effective, and direct. This is a great time to perfect our written communication, but it’s also important to remember there is no harm in hopping on a call if communication becomes too complex.

Your business is our priority and our professional experts are here to help you and your team navigate the new workplace normal. If you have any questions, just ask!

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