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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring with the KRESS SHIELD

- Keep an eye on your workforce with continuous background screening -

More companies turn to KRESS SHIELD, a continuous monitoring solution to identify threats within their organization and quickly mitigate potential risk, because 1 in 4 U.S. adults has a criminal record. Don’t let your company be part of the 30% of business failures, because of crime. Monitor employees at any given time and gain access to real time arrest records, charges filed, prosecution, and adjudication notifications. Knowing sooner matters and can save your company time and money.

The Benefits of KRESS SHIELD


  1. Criminal activity is one of the clearest indicators of potential insider risk to an organization.
  2. The volume and rate of workplace injuries due to violence has increased over the last five years.
  3. 31% of U.S. workers do not feel their workplace is well-protected from a physical threat from another person.


  1. Learning of potential legal, financial, and reputational risks as quickly as possible is key to mitigating their impact.
  2. The corporate assets most affected by an organization crisis are company reputation, morale, and sales.
  3. Continuous monitoring is the best HR tool for learning when employees are interacting with the criminal justice system.


  1. Employers who communicate proactively and thoughtfully can create workplaces with greater productivity, morale, and tenure to foster better customer-company relationships.
  2. Ensuring the safety of a workplace builds trust among both employees and customers.
  3. 92% of American consumers say trust plays into their purchasing decisions and 36% say a scandal would make them lose that trust.


  1. The unemployment rate for previously incarcerated persons is five times higher than that of the average public.
  2. Individuals with criminal records can be a source of quality talent, particularly during a tight labor market.
  3. Companies who implement continuous monitoring can tap a larger pool of talent without sacrificing safety or peace of mind.

Implement the KRESS SHIELD to:

Monitor employees at any given time and meet the demand of post-hire solutions.

Be proactive, instead of blindsided by a crisis from an employee.

Build a dynamic workforce by giving an applicant with a criminal record a second chance.

KRESS TIP: Take advantage of a tax credit up to $10K per employee with a criminal record.

Protect your company from workplace harassment, embez-zlement, and fraud.Monitor changes to informa-tion found previously so you can make the conditional

Monitor changes to information found previously so you can make the conditional employment decisions.

Ensure employees continue to qualify for their positions and to deserve a place in your organization.

Audit employees’ records in real time to verify credentials and personal records.

An HR Tool You Can Trust

The KRESS SHIELD, a continuous monitoring HR tool protects companies from the person-based risk that goes unnoticed and unmanaged each day. While pre-hire employee background screens are a crucial risk mitigation strategy, they cannot prevent post-hire insider threats. Contact the HR experts to shield your company with the KRESS SHIELD.

Discover How To Monitor Your Workforce with a Free Guide

Safeguard your company from the $46.8 billion U.S. retail inventory loss where one-third was accounted for by employee theft by limiting your liability of a remote workforce, needless lawsuits, and criminal activity with KRESS SHIELD.


Did You Know?


of employees are arrested twice after four years of employment


of employers rescreen employees after a change in roles


of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed


of employers do not rescreen post-hire


of KRESS backgrounds checks are completed in less than 24 hours

*Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, SHRM,, and KRESS Inc.

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