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How to Correctly Consider Job Applicants with a Suspended License Conviction

Driving with a suspended license convictions are among the most common convictions in the U.S. In fact, this conviction makes the top 10 list of the most common convictions. Deciding whether or not to hire someone with a suspended license currently or previously is no simple decision. There is no blanket, definitive yes or no to hiring with this conviction.

At KRESS, we believe in fair hiring and helping our clients make the best decisions with the most accurate information. So how does a hiring manager correctly consider hiring an applicant with a driving with a suspended license conviction? We have three elements to take into consideration before you make your final decision:

Don’t hire based on a contingency.
Don’t promise a position to an applicant on the condition that they will be hired once their license is reinstated. Contingency-based hires are often not a good idea. New factors could arise and there are many unknowns such as the length of time they may be without their license, the quality of present or future applicants, and your company’s business climate/workflow at an unknown future date.

Help these applicants complete their I-9.
Once you’ve decided to hire someone with this conviction, it’s a good idea to give them advice on how to complete their I-9 form. While many applicants will automatically think they need a driver’s license to complete the form, that’s not the case! All they need is to make sure they have a different document from List B. Even with a suspended license, they can receive an ID issued by the state. In most states, receiving this ID won’t take long so they can begin working.

Take into account daily job duties.
If you are hiring a driver, then it is a given you will filter out the applicants with a suspended license. Take into account the other job duties this person will perform. If they will not be driving a company or operating their vehicle on a regular basis for their job duties, then they may still be a great fit for the position. In addition to drivers, other positions to consider for exclusion include management or sales positions within a regional territory, and/or positions that require your employee to transport other employees or customers frequently.

Other factors to consider when hiring an individual with this type of background are your company’s insurance rates and the level of liability your company will incur by hiring this individual.  If the employee is not ever driving in the course of duty, then by default there is no liability. Recidivism rates for driving with a suspended license can be high, and your insurance provider may take this into account.

Hiring decisions aren’t always easy. That’s why KRESS Employment Screening is here to help you hire job applicants using the most accurate information possible with services such as background checks and verification screening. For a free background check on your next applicant, contact us today.

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