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TLNT: Court Finds It Only Takes One Incident To Have A Hostile Work Environment

How can you control every employee and make a safe working environment if this is so? It’s not possible, and in this case, the courts recognize the impossible. Even though one (allegedly incidental) touch caused the employee to sue, the employer is not responsible if certain precautions are in place. Read on to see the checklist for protecting your organization in the case of harassment.

Lexology: Should employees watch their waistline at work?

This month, Air India demoted 125 employees because of their BMI. However, the U.S. is seeing the trend go a different way. 1/3 of American adults are obese, and they are not willing to lose employment rights without a fight. Weight is emerging as a discrimination issue, and we may soon see obese people as a protected class.

Tim Sackett: The Only Candidate Available

How do you pick the best when there’s only one? It’s a psychological conundrum—the one left is never the best. Tim Sackett this week advises having more than one candidate, no matter what, even if you have the best in the beginning.

An infographic from Gordon Tredgold—Yoda vs. Mr. Smithers for all you ‘8os babies out there.