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Don’t call your employees old farts: The weekend roundup

For the past few weeks, it’s been all about the employees. This week starts with a cautionary tale: don’t call your employees old farts then fire them. Once you’ve managed that, it’s time to focus on your employees’ productivity with the combination of empowerment and happiness. How to accomplish this is a bit less clear, but research is forthcoming.

Lexology: Employment law autopsy: “Old fart” gets fired

If you call your employees “old farts”, you’re going to have a problem. This article breaks down the case for watching your mouth and following procedure for firing, even if you’re in an at will employment state.

Inc.: Want your employees to work more? Let them set their own schedules

Getty images

Once again, it’s the case for employee autonomy. As anyone knows, clock watching kills productivity. (Remember any day of high school?) But, if employees are allowed to choose their hours (within reason), this additional autonomy often unintentionally leads to more hours and increased productivity during those hours.

Fast Company: Why happy employees are 12 times more productive at work

Happiness—as elusive as it is for individuals, it’s absolutely essential for companies. New research suggests that happy employees are 12 times more productive, but it leaves us hanging when we begin to ask what to do with that knowledge. Can we spend in certain ways to increase employee happiness, or should we just hire happier?

Expect more to come on this front.

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