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Don't Fall For The Swag at SHRM23


Meeting new people at these events can be tantalizing. They give out free shot glasses and t-shirts and all the sudden you can’t remember what their company does.


Remember what you went to SHRM for

Whether it’s making new connections, learning new tricks to your trade, or just experiencing a professional environment that revolves around your industry — Don’t forget why you came. 

Ensure that you prioritize leaving the event with valuable information that you can transform into actionable items. Don’t get hypnotized by enigmatic sales people. Focus on making connections and learning about what they do.

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You’re probably going to throw it away 

Not to be a Debby-downer, but odds are the memorabilia you collect will end up in the trash can outside the hotel you’re staying at. Try not to look at it through rose colored glasses, because at the end of the day they’re selling something to you, and it’s not a novelty shirt.


How can they help you?

When talking with someone selling you something, always think to yourself, “How can they help me or my company?” To best engage with the multitude of people you meet and connect with, it is crucial to remain focused on your original purpose for attending the event.

In between all the shirts, shot glasses, and other handouts, remember that you need something too. Don’t get fall for the swag.


What did you come to SHRM for?

More than likely, you came to learn new information and make new HR connections. It’s best to keep that in mind as you’re making you’re way through the event. You should have a list of the things that you and/or your company needs and make efforts to address those.

Don’t get swept up in the haze of it all while you’re looking for answers to your problems.


For more helpful information about SHRM, check out their website.

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