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Drug Screening Best Practices for Every Business

Drug screening is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy, safe, and productive work environment. Pre-employment drug testing is standard for many companies, but there’s much more to it than that. Random drug testing, solid policies, and documenting these practices is important as well. If you’re looking to begin drug testing or already do, then make sure you’re following these testing best practices.


  1. Create a drug-testing policy.

Policies provide protocol for your HR department and make the screening process and requirements transparent to employees and applicants. To make your policy comprehensive, it should cover local, state, and federal laws and should be reviewed by your employment attorney. A well-thought-out policy will support your company’s actions if they’re ever questioned by an employee.


  1. Conduct random testing.

In many industries, it’s important to conduct random drug testing as well as pre-employment testing. Ongoing screening can deter workers from using drugs. In order for the program to be effective and fair, it’s important to use a truly random method. Employees should also be tested as soon as possible, within reason, from the time that they are notified of the random test. This ensures fairness to all employees and minimizes the risk of test results being falsified. This portion of your policy should also be reviewed by an attorney.


  1. Customize testing to your needs.
    Not all drug tests are made the same. Testing needs can vary by industry and individual worker roles. For example, positions that involve operating vehicles or machinery have a much higher need for safety. Your drug-test provider can work with you to create a testing program that meets your needs and identify which departments of your company may require ongoing testing or different kinds of testing, such as hair, urine, or other samples.


  1. Document your process.

Documenting every step of your drug screening process for each employee, from notification to the time you receive the results to the actions you take in response to the testing, can protect your company in the event of an audit or litigation. With KRESS, our tools help ensure that documenting the process is easy, and we take on the notification process for you.


If you’re seeking random, pre-employment, or post-accident drug screening, give KRESS a call today. We can set up your account in one business day! Get started.

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