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Easy, Breezy One-click Background Checks

This time of year, recruitment is at a high for both our new and existing customers of all sizes. An all-time favorite among all of our customers is our one-click background checks. Our technology invites the applicant to streamline their background check with one simple click. This allows employers to review one of the most commonly falsified claims presented by job applicants—employment and education history.

Before coming to KRESS, many of our clients waste time on processes that often include manually entering information into inefficient (almost archaic) software. That’s why we developed our invite-the-applicant service that features E-authorize to reduce time spent on data entry, allow for a fast turnaround time, and provide simple, quick, and user-friendly forms for candidates to fill out themselves. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Invite the job applicant.

Simply input the applicant’s email address, and KRESS will send over an email inviting them to enter their information into our secure verification platform.

  1. Applicant completes data entry.

Allowing applicants to enter their own information ensures accuracy and saves your HR department time and money.

  1. KRESS will verify the information.

As soon as the applicant submits a complete form, KRESS will automatically run the background check and verify employment, education, or any other credentials required by your company. Background checks are customizable based on your needs!

  1. The report is sent to your HR department.

85 percent of all reports submitted to KRESS are complete in less than 48 hours. Once you are set up on our online dashboard, you can easily login to review and order more reports.

It’s 2019, and efficiency goes hand in hand with growth for any company serious about their success and expansion. And to expand, companies need to ensure they are recruiting the most talented and experienced employees quickly in an increasingly competitive job market. Our one-click background checks have proven to help all of our clients quickly hire talented employees and, most importantly, with a strong sense of confidence in the applicant’s ability to contribute and perform at the level they promise. Don’t let your company fall behind. Contact KRESS today to take advantage of our fast, efficient, and accurate one-click background checks that will save you time and money during your recruitment process. You can get started today or even request a demo to see if this product is a good fit for your company. What are you waiting for? We’re just one click away!

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