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Economics and Mom: The Weekend Roundup

Last week was hoping in legislation, and this week the jobs report is under the magnifying glass. The economic recovery is far from certain yet, and Texas is still waiting to see what is going to happen with oil prices to determine its path. And, on another note, in a salute to Mother’s Day, we thank her for all the lessons we learned at home.

Inc.: The Most Important Lessons in Leadership You Can Learn Only from Mom

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and this article brings back all those great things mom said to us and analyzes what you learned from them. Even though the list may not include your mom’s favorite saying, it does include classics we’ve all heard like, “Play nice”. Thanks, Mom, for everything.

U.S. News and World Reports: Only 169,000 Jobs Added in April, Says ADP

The jobs numbers are not what they should be, and the primary place for growth, small businesses, are struggling. People are waiting for the economy to rebound, but until small businesses pick up, there is not a lot of optimism. Economists are urging the government and individuals to support small businesses.

Fast Company: How to Talk about Complex Topics without Dumbing them Down

Whether you’re in HR or an entrepreneur, you’re likely talking about something that is a bit more complex than cupcakes. Whether you’re trying to talk to an employee about their compensation or technology, you need to communicate with your listener without dumbing it down. Two key takeaways here: we should all use the work infobesity more, and you have to tailor your content to your listener—giving them what they want and need.

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