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EEOC pursues case without a plaintiff: The weekend roundup

Last week, the FCRA urged the Supreme Court to pursue a case, despite the lack of actual damages. This week, the court continues an EEOC lawsuit against Rosebud restaurants, despite the lack of a plaintiff. Additionally, the job seeker has dropped out of the case against Michael’s.

Employers must stay alert to the changes in EEOC and FCRA lawsuits, and KRESS is committed to providing that information to you.

Law360: Job Seeker Drops Out of FCRA Suit against Michael’s

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit has dropped her claims. However, the impact on the lawsuit is still unclear. Rani Burnside alleged that the background check release form “was ‘one long continuous web page … [with] a liability release, among reams of other extraneous information.’”

National Law Review: Court Denies Motion to Stop EEOC Race Discrimination Suit against Rosebud Restaurant

In a disturbing trend, the government is pursuing another case of discrimination without an identified plaintiff. In this case, the company has been charged with refusing to hire African-Americans, and the court will continue to hear the case. 17 Percent of Employees Would Rather Watch Paint Dry Than Attend Meetings

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