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Electronic Wet Signatures – What are they and how do they benefit you?

You already use an electronic wet signature almost every day when you shop. Now, that same innovation that took us from the days of signing every receipt and printing two copies to signing a keypad can streamline your pre-employment screening process as well. The inclusion of the electronic wet signature will make your hiring process faster and more compliant.

But before we get into why this innovation is an essential part of a compliant and stress-free screening process, let’s learn about the different types of signatures.

What is a Wet Signature?

A wet signature is created when a person physically marks a document. In some cultures this is done by writing a name in a stylized, cursive format on a piece of paper.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is an acknowledgement or adoption of an electronic message, transaction, or document.

Some examples include:

  • A typed name at the end of an e-mail
  • A typed name on an electronic form or document
  • An image of a handwritten signature on a transmitted fax
  • A personal identification number (PIN)
  • Clicking “agree” or “disagree” on an electronic “terms and agreements” contract

[h2]What is an Electronic Wet Signature?[/h2]

An electronic wet signature is a combination of the two types of signatures—wet and electronic. Instead of using a pen, you use your mouse and create your “signature”. It is then printed onto the document as proof of your agreement. (An electronic wet signature can also be called a dynamic signature.)

So when you go to the grocery store, swipe your credit card, and sign the electronic pad, it is considered a legal and binding agreement between you, the store, and the bank. It is an electronic wet signature. For our intents and purposes, the electronic wet signature is the same agreement between you, the applicant/employee and KRESS. e-Authorize is the electronic wet signature that enables the KRESS Invite the Applicant process to create a completely compliant background check process.

How Will This Save You Time and Money?

KRESS is introducing a new feature that promises to make your life easier and cut some time and energy off of each person’s involvement in the background screening process. I know what you’re asking, “How is this possible? We have streamlined the background screening process as much as it can be.”

If you are using KRESS’ Invite the Applicant system, you are used to our three-click system that allows applicants to fill in their own paperwork, saving you time and increasing accuracy. Now, we have streamlined the Invite the Applicant system even more with the addition of e-Authorize. The applicant will now be able to sign the Disclosure and Authorization using their mouse, and our system will automatically attach the document to the order for access at any time. You will then receive an e-mailed copy of the signed Disclosure form for your employee records once the applicant has submitted and completed the Invite the Applicant process.

There will be no more waiting for the applicant to submit their Disclosure form, which, in the past, has slowed down the verification process. The electronic wet signature will also eliminate the need for the applicant to print off the release, sign it, and then send it back to either you or KRESS.

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