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Email Still Reigns King of Office Communication

If you’re one of the many businesses who have rolled out a chat program such as Slack or Yammer, don’t forget your email password just yet. Email isn’t going anywhere. That’s according to Adobe, which recently conducted a survey on how teams communicate in the digital age in their 2017 Email Survey Report.


So just how much is email used by America’s workers? Here are the the most interesting stats from the survey:


Everyone and Their Momma Uses Email

  • Email is the most preferred method of communication at work. Tell that to your coworker who likes to pop into your cubicle!
  • Only 1 percent of respondents said they use corporate social networks such as Yammer, Asana, SAP Jam, or Slack.
  • Workers spend 3.3 hours per workday checking their work email.
  • Email is increasingly used by older workers.


Email—The One Thing Millennials Aren’t Killing

  • Millennials might be all about Snaps and Instas, but they check their email more frequently than any other age group.
  • Millennials expect their use of email to increase over the next two years.
  • Millennials said they were more likely to open their work emails (82 percent) than personal emails (60 percent).
  • 35 percent of millennials check their work emails on their personal smartphones.


You’re Not Alone on Emailing from the Porcelain Throne

  • Email is so pervasive in our lives that 43 percent of people surveyed check their email in the bathroom.
  • 14 percent check while driving. (Drive now, email later!)
  • While people spend a total of 5.4 hours per day checking their work and personal email accounts, they reported checking their email less often than they did the previous year.


Put Down the Phone, Pick Up the Margarita

  • More employees are taking the time to recharge their own batteries. 47 percent of respondents said they rarely or do not check their email while on vacation, which is up from 42 percent in 2016.
  • 46 percent of workers who took vacations in August 2017 said they checked their email at least once while on vacation.
  • 17 percent said they frequently checked their work email.


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