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Employee engagement: The weekend roundup

After weeks of productivity conversations, employers are turning the lens on their management techniques to see if they are getting the most from their employees. Now, it’s time to give the employees autonomy. This concept has been touted before, with the rise of the intrapreneur. The question is, are workplaces ready to change if the benefit is higher productivity and increased engagement?

HBR: How to make your employees feel like they own their work

Turns out, employees who own their work, who have claimed psychological ownership of everything that comes across their desk, are more engaged. So, how do you create a sense of ownership with all your employees? HBR offers some tips for employers. [Tweet “Employee autonomy: has the time finally come?”]

Looking for more on engagement and employee ownership? Check out this article from TLNT and an infographic on KRESS Inc.’s Pinterest page.

Lexology: D.C. Council holds hearing on new tax to fund unprecedented family leave benefits

With all the talk of parental leave benefits, the bean counters have now come to the table and pointed out that these benefits must have financial support to exist. DC is publically debating how to support the initiative passed by President Obama for 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

OSHA: OSHA accepting public comments on new guidelines

OSHA documentation was originally published in 1989, and the organization is looking to update its policy. Its new document is available in a draft form and open for public commentary. All comments must be received by Feb. 15, 2016.

ThinkHR: How do you throw a holiday party without the risk?

Apparently, throwing a holiday party now carries legal risks. Are you ready? If you have questions, legal and HR experts come together to provide prevention tips in this 60 minute webinar replay.

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