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Employment law, 2016 trends reports—The weekend roundup

It’s Nov. 2, and the courts and legislature has been busy. This week, numerous articles have been released relating to employment, from analyses of New York’s new Ban the Box laws to new iterations on joint employment. Additionally, the 2016 employment trends reports are beginning to trickle in. This week, LinkedIn weighs in on global recruiting and TLNT looks at employee retention.

Finally, Gravity’s $70,000 base salary has been making the news everywhere, and we have the founder’s opinion on company culture. It’s going to be a busy quarter for HR professionals, and we’ll have the news you need every Monday.

Legal updates from Lexology

This week has been busy, so we’re bringing you the top seven articles that employers need today.

Tim Sackett: Quality of Hire Metrics are an Allusion

Quality of hire has been an elusive metric since the 1980s. We know how much it costs to hire, to train and to onboard a new employee, but few are willing or able to track the actual performance metrics required to track quality of hire. LinkedIn’s newest report brings metrics to quality of hire.

TLNT: 4 Ways HR Can Help To Hire and Retain Employees In 2016

TLNT released its latest survey on hiring and retention, and while the findings aren’t revolutionary, they do merit a closer look. For example, the survey found that hiring times are longer now than in the past five years, and HR needs to speed up if they are going to get the best employees. This article offers how to tips to get that done.

Inc.: Why Money Can’t Buy a Great Company Culture

Since the founder of Gravity raised employee pay to $70,000 across the board and invested full in his company, he has been featured on multiple media outlets. Today, he shares his views on company culture and how to make it happen.




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