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10 Comprehensive Categories for Evaluating Every Job Candidate

It’s common for hiring managers to be a little nervous about how a job interview will go. Just as a job candidate wants to present him- or herself in the best possible light, a good hiring manager always wants to put the company’s best foot forward in an interview, too. Often, interviewers will rehearse or bring a list of questions to the interview to ensure they get some answers from a job seeker. It’s only afterwards, sometimes, that they realize they aren’t quite sure what to do with those answers.

As many as eighty percent of job candidates are hired or passed over following an interview based on “likeability:” how much the interviewer enjoyed or was impressed by what they had to say. While likeability is a nice trait in a coworker, it shouldn’t be the total basis of a hire. The qualities and skills a candidate brings to the table must be evaluated so that they can be fairly compared to those of other candidates. But what qualities, exactly, must an interviewer check for?

Below are the primary categories on which your job candidates should be judged as a fit for your business:

  1. Educational Background

Does the candidate have the appropriate educational qualifications or training for this position?

  1. Prior Work Experience

Has the candidate acquired similar skills or qualifications through past work experiences?

  1. Technical Qualifications/Experience

Does the candidate have the technical skills necessary for this position?

  1. Verbal Communication

Did the candidate demonstrate effective, clear communication skills during the interview?

  1. Candidate Interest

Did the candidate show interest in and enthusiasm for the position and the organization?

  1. Knowledge of Organization

Did the candidate research the organization prior to the interview?

  1. Teambuilding/Interpersonal Skills

Did the candidate demonstrate, through their answers, good teambuilding/interpersonal skills?

  1. Initiative

Did the candidate demonstrate, through their answers, a high degree of initiative?

  1. Time Management

Did the candidate demonstrate, through their answers, good time-management skills?

  1. Customer Service

Did the candidate demonstrate, through their answers, a high level of customer service skills/abilities?

If a job candidate affirmatively answers each of these questions during his or her interview, you have a solid prospect with potential on your hands. If none of your candidates demonstrate skills or potential in every category, consider hiring the candidate who demonstrates the most potential or initiative to grow into the categories he or she lacks.

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