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The Ever Changing Dynamic of Millennials in the Workplace: A Weekend Roundup

Where has the time gone? Millennials are no longer those kids who sit on the computer all day while fleecing their parents’ money. The young business professionals have now made it through college, worked a few grunt jobs, and are competing for high-end positions that now cater to them even more than before. Millennials are typically seen as more “tech savvy” than their older counterparts. Despite all the good the youngsters can bring to a work environment, some will find them to be a nuisance. Is the modern workplace to blame?

This Forbes article, “Why are Millennials So Hard To Manage? The Modern Workplace Might Be To Blame explains a common work culture that has led to a 80% of managers claiming their Millennials have a narcissistic personality. In the last decade, employers have embraced the relaxed atmosphere at work, which often relates to how Millennials have grown up. Typically this is seen as spoiled. The solution is simple, they need a little grounding. A workplace needs inexperienced hip tech-savvy employees, but they need to be held in check with seasoned veterans. When everyone knows their role success will be optimal.


Millennials are technically sound but they can be careless with devices. In a Facebook and Snapchat world, it is easy to overreact on your boss and put dirty laundry on a feed instantly. Heck! We have instant video now meaning nobody is safe when a cellphone is visible. The threat of your worker leaking sensitive information over social media streams may not even be on purpose.’s “Millennials Bring New Workplace Cybersecurity Challenges” elaborates on the importance of educating your younger workers about protecting their information from hitting social media streams.


Millennials are not all that bad though guys and a workplace should pay some focus to what they want. At 1/3 of the workforce, this generation is looking to make things happen at your establishment. Give the youngsters purpose, flexible schedules, and an open communication that makes them feel a part of the team. Giving the millennial a chance to be themselves will often garner the most out of them and a happy workflow, while still focusing on strict deadlines. These 20 somethings want to work, they just may just be wired slightly different according to’s “3 Things Millennials Want in the Workplace”.

Shying away from Millennials is not a good 2016 business strategy. These young professionals are key to a successful marketplace. It is your job to educate yourself and learn how to get the best out of your team along with building chemistry. Happy hiring!



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