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Exxon-Mobil Compliance Made Simple

In the petrochemical industry; service professionals are required to pass background checks and drug screenings before they set foot on refinery property. Meeting Exxon-Mobil compliance or any other compliance standards can seem daunting. Depending on the requirements you are trying to meet and the refinery you are working with; one or more of the following may be necessary:

  1. Grading – This process takes into account each individual’s background screening results and applies “grades” (from 00 to 09) to the background screening reports. These grades are then used to either grant or deny access to refinery property, or specific areas within those properties, depending on each refinery’s specific regulations.
  2. Re-screening – Additional screening on an annual or bi-annual basis may be required to ensure continued compliance and make field assignments easier, when projects are lengthy or continue intermittently over long periods of time.
  3. Breathalyzer Testing for Alcohol – Some refineries require a Breathalyzer test in addition to a standard panel urinalysis with very specific testing levels through nationally recognized laboratories.
  4. Five Years Verified Employment History – This verification standard requires five years of employment history from trustworthy sources be accounted for, verified without gaps and be reflected on the background screening reports.
  5. Exhibit N and Attachment A – Some refineries work specifically with National Compliance Management Companies that require exhibits and attachments processed accurately by the background screening company in order to meet compliance and auditing standards.

Let KRESS make compliance simple.

As a preferred vendor for Exxon-Mobil as well as many other energy giants; we know that different refineries have different requirements and we have spent 26 years meeting these types of requirements. Whether you are working with BP, Exxon-Mobil, Marathon, Shell, Chevron, BASF, Dow or DuPont; let our compliance experts help you get the screening you need so your company can hire and deploy the right service professionals to the right projects, thus improving efficiency and maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

So give KRESS a call today and check one more thing off your list!


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