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Fall Hires Make For Employees of the Month

When is the best time to make a new hire? Is there a specific season? Some recruiters say to steer clear of hiring during the holiday season, others mention the slower hiring season at the beginning of each year, and some say an optimal time is during the summer. If this is all true, then what happens during the fall after the peak of summer hiring? Did other companies pick up all the prime candidates?

All these questions are valid and insightful, and while the hiring season may seem to slump after the summer it is not to say this isn’t a good time to find that premier candidate for your job posting. The fall season represents a surge of hiring between September and October. As families return from family vacations, schools reopen, and work-life resumes to a normal standard, hiring managers find it easier to conduct interviews and applicant screenings. Coincidentally, people seem to be rejuvenated after the summer season, thus making the entire process a bit smoother and faster. Executives sometimes decide to rule out positions that aren’t filled at the end of the year, so filling positions during the fall becomes imperative for hiring managers. This is also a time when hiring managers fill open positions that were held by employees who decided to leave the company earlier in the year. Filling open positions before the holiday season is important, so that budgets can be used up and hiring managers can avoid the recruiting slumps.

Recruitment cycles are crucial to finding the ideal candidate to fill an open position. Here are a few strategies when recruiting throughout the year.

  1. Network during the downtime. During the summer and holiday season, hiring managers have more leeway to connect and conduct informal interviews. So check out university campuses for that potential new hire.
  2. Plan budgets ahead of time. This is the time to formulate a budget for the upcoming year and get ahead of the curve in creating new roles.
  3. Organize and decide quickly. With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, it’s important for companies to strategize and decide on what they’re looking for when they vet a candidate.

At KRESS, we want to provide the best resources for your company to make the right decision when it comes to all job-related activities. Fall hiring season is upon us. Are you prepared to go through dozens of prospective hires? We have a few tips on how to conduct a worthwhile interview to ensure you have the perfect candidate. Download our tip sheet today to get started!

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