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Fifty shades of applicants

What you don’t know can hurt you. You could hire any of these people without a quality background screening service—Harvard did.



James Hogue

Hogue defrauded Princeton and Harvard. At Princeton, he enrolled under a falsified identity and was granted a considerable amount of financial aid before he was found out. A few years later, he defrauded Harvard. He was hired as a security guard and only found out after several gems in the campus museums had been replaced with fakes.




Miss Jane Doe

She could be a law-abiding citizen with an accurate resume. Or, she could be one of the 53%who falsified their resume, 7% with an undisclosed felony, or the 46% who has inaccuracies in their employment history.


KRESS works to protect its clients with high quality screening services that are customized to fit each customers’ business and the positions therein. It’s time to be protected. It’s time to be compliant. It’s time for KRESS.

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