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Finding a Balance Between Speed and Accuracy When Hiring

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ve found the perfect candidate for your open position: they’re qualified, fit culturally, and available to start immediately. These are the moments when many hiring managers act too quickly, and the results can be disastrous.

You may think you’ve found the candidate that’s “the one,” but it’s still important not to rush the hiring process and miss any critical steps. Time-to-hire is important if you’re aiming for the best candidates and decreasing disruption of workflow, but there are several key ways you can find a balance between speed and accuracy when hiring.

To lessen the pressure to hire as quickly as possible and skip important measures such as background checks, begin with improving your hiring process. Here are a few places to begin:

Remove Possible Delays

If your recruiting process requires for information from candidates at multiple stages, it may be time to reevaluate this step. The most common example is asking for references near the end of the hiring process. Instead, ask for references, previous work samples, and other documents at the beginning of the process. You may be surprised by how much this alone can speed up the hiring process.

Maintain Consistency

Now that you’ve removed all delays from your hiring process, it’s time to put it on paper. Document each step of your hiring process so it can be used for hiring all future positions. Determine in advance how many interviews, what kind (phone, in-person), and what information is required of applicants for each department and position level you could possibly hire for. Could you use tests like the ones found at in order to reveal employees skills, hobbies and character? Within the policy, ensure that there is a timeline that will work for everyone involved.

Speed Up Background Checks

This is often a step that is skipped for fear that it will take too long to hear back, however this isn’t the case as there is a very simple and quick way to carry out a background check, if you’d like to carry out your own background checks then go to for more information on how to speed up your background checks. If you’d prefer someone else to carry out these checks, here at KRESS, we understand that time-to-hire is important if you want to bring the best candidates to your company. We complete 85 percent of comprehensive background checks in 24 hours or less. By speeding up your background-checking process, you can save a few days or even a week.

Add a Personal Touch

Many top candidates will take competitive offers simply because they aren’t sure when you will have a final decision. Stay in touch with your top picks personally with quick emails or phone calls to prevent them from rushing to a decision with a competing offer.

If you’re ready to make the switch to KRESS to prove speed and accuracy in hiring, give us a call or create an account today. Our simple online interface allows you to submit background checks in seconds.

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