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Protection vs. cost–that is the question. While all of us want to sleep soundly at night, we do not need a 17-point security system in our homes. In some places, a big dog will do, while others, a motion-sensitive garage light helps. You have to know your neighborhood.

In the same way, a company does not need to run a credit, civil, criminal and international records check on every potential employee. However, you do have to know enough about the screening process and the information returned to craft the right package for every job.

Case in point–summer camps. In a recent article, a news organization found that state background checks are necessary for those who work with children, but a federal is not. The YMCA layers on the FBI fingerprint database and the Texas sex offender registry. But, is it enough? One worker’s undiscovered out-of-state criminal record and successive assaults argues no.

In order to create the best screening package, you have to know the position, the limitations of each screen, and the coverage needed. Working with an experienced screening provider is the only way to ensure the safety of your team and your patrons, regardless of their age.