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5 Common Misconceptions About Millennial Employees

Lately, it seems as though Millennials are the topic of any discussion when it comes to hiring and recruiting. If you’ve read your fair share of the latest industry articles on Millennial employees, you might think they’re the most difficult cohort to work with, ever. They’re all about instant gratification and their phones are permanently attached to their palms.

However, by 2020, Millennials will represent more half of the global workforce. Understanding the changing workforce is critical to preparing your company for the future, but believing the many misconceptions about Millennial employees can be damaging to office morale and lead to dysfunctional business relationships. Here are five of those misconceptions and why they’re wrong:

Millennials Lack the Loyalty Gene

It may seem like the many employees who have left the company to continue job hopping are all millennials. While you may think this is due to a lack of allegiance to the organization and that they’re off to the latest top company in the city, this is most likely not the reason. Job hopping has expanded far beyond the millennial age group. This is in part due to the median wage, which has plateaued or even declined in many areas of the country. When companies cease to give cost of living raises or bonuses dwindle, many employees see finding a new job as their only way to achieving a raise.

Extensive Job Perks Are a Must

No matter what age you are, a job with great perks, such as unlimited vacation, an on-site gym, and telecommuting options, will seem better than one with only the basics. Millennials are also after perks due to the overall shifting e importance of work-life balance. However, what’s become even more important to many Millennials is another company characteristic: core values and opportunities for advancement. Millennials want to feel good about their company is doing for the community and have a passion for their industry. They are also more inclined to take positions at companies who value internal promotions and advancement over the occasional free lunch.

Millennials Have No Work Ethic

As technology has made nearly every aspect of our lives more efficient, it’s easy to look at the results and say that work ethic has suffered. Many tasks that used to take days can now be completed in minutes. This generation has embraced the concept of working smarter, not harder. There will also always be employees who lack work ethic–the same is true for all generation.

Business Etiquette is Nonexistent

Close your eyes and picture a Millennial. What do you see? Most likely, it’s a scruffy young man in a hoodie and jeans. A common misconception about millennials is that they don’t follow business etiquette, including the dress code expected in a corporate office. Millennials are more relaxed in the workplace primarily because it’s a more efficient way for them to work. However, with a bit of grooming, business etiquette for forming strong business relationships, creating proper emails, and running efficient meetings is easily and quickly learned.

They’re All Social Media Gurus

One mistake many employers will make is handing off their social media marketing to the youngest person in the office. This is nearly always a mistake. While services such as Instagram and Snapchat are targeted primarily at Millennials, that doesn’t make them marketing experts. Social media marketing has become a complex area of marketing, and it requires strong writing skills, extensive industry research, and a full strategy.

While many seasoned professionals have a ways to go when it comes to understanding Millennials, they are only the beginning in the topic of ageism. To read future articles on ageism, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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