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4 Common Hiring Manager Fails and Solutions

Recruiters take the time to look through hundreds of resumes for a single position. Then, they perform phone screens and even meet in person with the most qualified candidates. The final step for the candidates is almost always interviewing with the hiring manager, but this is where things can quickly go south.

Seasoned recruiters know that it’s often the final interview with a hiring manager that can make a job candidate run the other way. Interviewers who come off as disinterested, hostile, or don’t represent the company well can cause you to lose a potential rock star.

There are a few tips you can provide your hiring managers with to prep them for interviews, however. Even keeping these simple tips in mind can keep a great candidate interested in joining your team.

  1. Dig Deeper
    It’s easy to focus on a resume during an interview. So easy that many interviewers tend to dwell on it, line by line. Interviews are not only for taking a look into their past experience and successes, but also getting to know the candidate’s work style and personality. Think of it as a time to see if they will really fit in with your team.Remind hiring managers that if the candidates have made it to an interview with them, you’ve already ensured that they have the proper experience needed for the position.
  2. Pay Attention
    Disinterest shows. Don’t let your daydreams take over. Candidates take note of the lack of interest, and when your mind wanders you may miss information that is telling of whether or not they will succeed with your company. Give hiring managers a quick brush-up on active listening.
  3. Smile!
    A friendly face puts job applicants at ease. An action as simple as a smile and a handshake at the beginning of the interview can give the applicant a great first impression.
  4. Consider Body Language
    Keep your body language in check. Smiling is one thing, but keep your arms uncrossed and maintain proper posture. Try to avoid fidgeting, leaning back in your chair, or any other body language that could be considered hostile or as showing disinterest.

Every interview should be conducted with professionalism. Even candidates who are not selected for a job opening might come back later and be the perfect fit for the company, so it’s important to ensure all candidates receive a welcoming recruitment experience. You can start improving your hiring process with KRESS’ Invite the Applicant feature today. Learn more about how to make your background checks simpler for applicants.

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