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Four Simple Steps to Streamline Your Screening Process

The benefits of background screening are easy to understand. No employer wants to risk bringing an individual onboard who falsified their personal background or professional credentials during their application process. What isn’t universally understood among employers is that this process can be quick! All too often, hiring teams will engage in drawn out methods to verify a candidate, which can lead to extended vacancies in positions in need.

To expedite thorough employment screening, all your organization needs to do is contact KRESS. KRESS’s background checks involve a simple four-step procedure that cuts out tedious and time-consuming tasks like faxing or scanning candidate résumés to send them to a screening company.

The steps are simple:

  1. Invite The Applicant

Enter the identity and email address of your applicant, and we’ll send them an email inviting them to enter their personal information.

  1. Applicant Completes Entry

From this point out, you’re done! Our user-friendly system reduces the risk of entry errors by allowing the applicant to fill out all their personal information themselves, saving your team from the hassle of copying this information over and sending it to a screening company.

  1. KRESS Conducts Check

Once KRESS receives the personal information, we automatically run the background check, verification, and credentialing of their work history and education.

  1. You Receive Report

Just log into your online dashboard with KRESS and you’ll be given the option view these reports or reorder any screenings that you deem necessary.

That’s it—four simple steps, and you’ll have all the background information you’ll need to make an informed decision on your applicant. Eighty-five percent of KRESS screenings take less than 48 hours, so say goodbye to wasting time waiting for the results of the check to return. With this simplified system, you can use the time you save to send invitations to several applicants at once and increase the talent pool you planned on interviewing.

With KRESS, wasting time is a thing of the past. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today!

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