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Four Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Office

You don’t need a dark and scary night to celebrate Halloween! The spooky holiday is the perfect time to host a few themed team-building exercises in your workplace. 97 percent of employees believe that lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. Through team building, HR managers can help their teams get to know one another and open up new lines of communication just in time for the holiday rush.


Not sure where to begin? Here are a few fun ways to get your team together for Halloween:


Desk Decorating Contest: Organize a contest for the best-decorated work area. This can be a contest for individuals or teams! We recommend dividing up teams by department to make this a team-building exercise. You can give out prizes to the winning team!


Costume Contest: No Halloween celebration is complete without costumes. Bring the office together for a Halloween party, and host a costume contest! Most companies allow their staff to vote for their favorite costume, which can become a popularity contest. To spread the joy, offer multiple categories for winning. This is great for large companies. Be sure to advertise the contest and categories with plenty of notice for employees to get to work on their costumes.


Pumpkin Carving Contest: Is your office full of creatives? This is the perfect activity for employees to express their creativity and enter a unique design into the contest. This is also a kid-friendly option. By starting after 4 p.m., staff can bring their children to the Halloween party and carving contest.


Team Volunteering: Many companies volunteer in their community for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but organizations are in need of volunteers year-round. Beat the holiday rush by taking the afternoon to volunteer for Halloween! You can even give your efforts a Halloween twist by passing out treats in hospitals or homes for the elderly.


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