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9 Fun Halloween Costumes For the Office Party

Don’t be that person in the office who doesn’t wear a costume to the office Halloween party! Finding the right work-appropriate costume can be a chore, but we’ve found the best simple costume ideas around:

  1. Ice Cream
    Who doesn’t love ice cream?! You may already have everything you need for this super simple costume: a red balloon, a white shirt, and brown bottoms.
  2. Awkward School Photo
    Everyone will feel the nostalgia when you walk in with this one.
  3. Queen Bee
    Every office needs a queen (or king) bee. Buzz right on in to the party!
  4. Rosie the Riveter
    You can do it! You only need a few pieces for this costume. Find a red bandana and blue button up and you’re ready to go.
  5. Where’s Waldo?
    Every Halloween, there’s always a Waldo walking around. This year, that could be you!
  6. Jazzerciser
    Pull your 80s workout gear out of the closet and get physical!
  7. Sriracha
    Be everyone’s favorite hot sauce! Seriously, who doesn’t love sriracha?
  8. Cowboy
    No example needed here! Pull out the old Levi’s, a cowboy hat, and boots and get to two steppin’!
  9. Tacky Tourist
    All you need is a fanny pack, a Hawaiian shirt and some khaki shorts. For n added effect, pick up a disposable camera and take photos throughout the day!

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