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What is the future of the workforce?

Weekend roundup for Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2015

We have spent a lot of time over the past ten years figuring out how to separate employees’ personal lives from their work lives, but most companies have realized this is a losing battle and are embracing the integration of technology into the workforce. For example, you’re probably acknowledging some downtime this morning due to the Super Bowl fight last night, and the Skittles commercial.  What if we take it a step further? The week, we take a look at those innovations that are on the leading edge of technology and how corporate America will adapt.

For the HR professional, knowing where the workforce is going will allow you to more accurately make the software and staffing decisions of today.

Economist: “There’s an app for that”

Image: The Economist

As employees become increasingly mobile (and less willing to be employees for only one company for any period of time), the definition of work, and thus the workforce, is changing. Freelancers are becoming more prevalent, companies are looking to hire temp workers, and people everywhere are in need of at the moment services, such as child care and handyman services. However, those companies willing to embrace this new economy must be aware of the changing litigation risks and risk they are acquiring.

Kinship Enterprise: “Future of Work: Social technologies designed for whole of life

This article predicts what comes next, and it’s not a new tool or app. Rather, it’s a new way to think not only about the organization but about the concepts of “work”, “employee” and “work-life balance.” The author himself says it best: “In the future, work and life are holistic and not separated as they have been in the past 300 years of industrial organisation design, which separates, the physical, social and spiritual aspects of things. I believe we have entered an age of total ubiquity. No more social, cloud, big data and mobile as silos; today we are in a world where those things are just part of being. They are part of the balance that has shifted from work-life to life-work.”

Inc.: “Meet Facebook at Work”

A small number of companies have access to a new enterprise social network (ESN), but the most engaging factor is that this platform is familiar to most employees—it’s Facebook at Work. As more and more companies work to connect workforces that are international, or simply not in the office at the same time, an ESN is a practical tool that is helpful but often overwhelming to learn.

Fast Company: “This might be the toughest year yet for CEOs”

While this article is pitched to CEOs, they are dealing with the same volatile economy as the rest of us, and it is creating tremendous trepidation for 2015. On f the top fears is talent, but not simply in one sector. Because of the diverse skill set required to succeed in business today, companies must staff a wide array of talent, and many of those key hires are difficult to find.

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